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Juniper 4300 Portmap

Port Map of Juniper 4300, with port that are on the right start with ge-0/0/0 ports on the left start with xe-0/2/0 Basically this is to show that this device, just like most Junipers start with a 0 so the first port is ge-0/0/0 and so on.  

What is Software Defined Networking or SDN?

What is software Defined Networking: Wikipedia Says This I have found that all of the major players are bringing out products that qualify for a type of Software Defined Networking.  This is great because as Networking Administrators and Networking Engineers we can use controller based configuration in order to deploy networks faster and with more ease. ...

Error Device ae1 Not Found

I recently ran into a problem on an EX series switch - after already setting interfaces ae0 ae1 and ae2 up. Here was my configuration: [email protected]# show interfaces ae1 aggregated-ether-options { minimum-links 1; link-speed 10g; lacp { passive; periodic fast; } } unit 0 { description lab-mx1-ae1; family ethernet-switching { port-mode trunk; vlan { members ...

Juniper logo over Cisco

Cisco to Juniper commands table

I have found the following extremely useful in looking working with Juniper JUNOS after coming from a pure Cisco IOS environment: IOS Input Command Juniper Command Expected Result Side Note show run show configuration Show running configuration Nothing to Note show version show version Show version Nothing to Note show ip interface brief show interface ...