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Finding Juniper ex4300 switching software has been difficult. You need to be either a VAR or have a corporate login. I have found this to be extremely frustrating when trying to just upgrade to a simple build. I have found some files on the internet that have been useful to me and I will post them below, I will also post the MD5SUM of these files as they match those found on the Juniper Website:

MD5SUM: ea77b9020d0eea97f96998414f3a46b0

MD5SUM: 1e2a0107e7d9c62a2332fa22d602f98b

With these files and of course with the md5sum you can then upgrade your ex4300 with “lifetime licensing” to at least version 21.3R1 Here are the origin links of the firmware but I’m not sure how long they’ll be up that is why I provided you with fresh links above:


And as per-usual with Juniper ex4300 switching software and the related firmware on jackpots such as these you can also browse their server for any additional software that is needed:

And remember if you ever need to see a portmap of the ex4300 when working with remote-hands:
Juniper 4300 Portmap

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